Image Monitoring

The application of Artificial intelligence to video monitoring can be used for supervision of work teams, revealing risk situations or instances of rule infraction, such as inadequate use of PPE; transiting in restricted areas; risk of man/machine collision; and identification of individuals and their work permissions, resulting in greater protection of people and allowing for preventive measures, thus reducing accidents.

The large number of people and the many different operations involved in these complex work environments makes visual inspection by the safety team more difficult, which suggests that the automation of this inspection could significantly increase the efficacy indicators of the preventive measures adopted, eliminating or reducing the number of accidents in the workplace.

Thus, this technological innovation benefits your business directly, considering that it:

  • reduces or eliminates the occurrence of incidents, identifying anomalous situations in real time, leading to greater safety in work environments;
  • allows for better management of human resources, providing significant economic impact in operations;
  • monitors items considered relevant to worker safety;
  • generates alerts for safety teams, in a timely manner, so that managers can take action in anomalous situations.