Brief Psychotherapy assists patients to become aware and change their behavior when facing an immediate emotional conflict, and to start a transformation process through actions of listening, observing, increasing awareness and making interventions. Therapeutic work employs tools and techniques to trigger a process of change, emphasizing cognitive and affective understanding.

Our solution reduces the need for in-person sessions. When considering a Brief Psychotherapy model of ten (10) sessions, the system can be an alternative for up to the first four (4) sessions of therapy, automating a great portion of the anamnesis work. It delivers compiled information to the psychotherapist such as genogram, social historical data, differentiation of self-score, cognitive interaction pattern and mental behavior pattern. The patient receives a set of exercises that promote changes at its perception, and this new perception encourages the remodeling of emotions. When such exercises are taking action, the patient begins to change its behavior.

This product helps the individual to build self-awareness, that is, to raise its level of awareness about the condition it is going through. In addition, note that psychological therapy is also constrained by problems related to the economic use of resources. There are circumstantial inhibitors for many people who seek help: the value of several sessions and the time of travel to the appointment location, for example. Out solution mitigate such inhibitors.