Unproductive Displacement

The application of Artificial Intelligence to event prediction helps prevent losses in human resources and materials, identifying and classifying service attendance, thus increasing assertiveness in the dispatch of the service crews.

The use of this technology can benefit several different industries, such as electric energy and water distribution companies, telecommunications companies, and even public security agents.

The predictive model is responsible for inferring the events with the objective of signaling, in the triage process, which orders are potentially unproductive, thus preventing the service teams from being dispatched, as well as justified orders, so that they can be carried out as soon as possible.

By identifying unjustified crew displacements, we contribute to the optimal dispatch of service crews, promoting the reduction of time for service restoration in areas that are actually affected, which translates into better perception of quality by the consumers.

Easily integrated with existing systems, it adds a new decision-making support tool without having to create profound changes in methods and processes.