Virtual Assistant

The application of Artificial Intelligence in classification and analysis of lawsuits and contracts allows, through the inspection of documents, consultation of rules, laws, and jurisprudence, the creation of draft orders, rulings, and sentences, assisting jurists and legal analysts in their activities.

In the years to come, legal services will be provided in a different, innovative way, and Law will become truly digital. This “Virtual Assistant,” which works in an automatic, customized, and flexible way, makes it possible to evaluate lawsuits and suggest understandings relative to the kind of requests being pleaded by the plaintiff.

By applying machine learning and combining it with data mining, we can understand the cause and effect relationships and counterpoint such prospections with law practices to finally create the suggestion of drafts to be used by magistrates and administrators.

Courts, law offices, and arbitration chambers can directly benefit from this solution, as well as other organizations that may need to analyze documents in lawsuits and audits.